African Women’s Dinner (AWD) is an annual event to CELEBRATE ‘WOMAN’. The event’s mission is to CONNECT, INSPIRE and EMPOWER women. It is an inspirational event bringing people together through dining and entertaining to reduce social isolation and provide a positive enjoyable experience.

The event coincides with International Women’s day and mother’s day and what better time to ‘Celebrate WOMAN’

Each year AWD aims to create a bespoke and highly unique experience for all guests. The event will also include live entertainment, AWD Expo and a networking platform for people from the fashion, creative, entertainment, business and corporate sector, all, while supporting a number of charitable causes.

Through the African Women’s Dinner (AWD) event platform, our mission is to dismantle the obstacles that most women face and create platform not only for a dining and entertaining experience to eliminate the social isolation that most African women in the diaspora face but also create a networking platform for business opportunities and increased economic participation whilst giving back to the community through our partnerships with charitable causes.


AWD EXPO is a platform for promoting SMEs and connecting ‘Made in africa’, Africa-inspired products and brands with potential buyers. The AWD Expo attracts an eclectic mix of people and  also serve as a networking platform both for traders and interested visitors.

AWD Expo showcases original & ethical fashion, accessories, jewellery, shoes as well as Arts & Crafts, homeware, natural beauty products, books, music, arts and much more.

Exhibition stands are available for individuals and corporates. To book or for more information, click Here


The AWD Ladies club is an action-oriented circle of inspiring women of African descent living in the diaspora with a vision that champions positive female role models where women can nurture each other whilst nourishing themselves. It is an inclusive  hub created to support growth and success for women within their  business, Education and lifestyle whilst encouraging feminine leadership

Being a woman in a foreign country has its challenges which is why AWD created the AWD members’ club, to encourage women to keep moving forward whilst providing the support, inspiration and accountability to help them achieve their life goals.





AWD know how important it is in today's busy and often stressful world to enjoy some downtime, leaving the worries and cares of everyday life at home.

Whether you want to focus on stress management, emotional healing or just a little bit of ‘Me’ time, or want to enjoy an excursion within beautiful settings, our retreat experiences sensitively encourage a process of release that enables one to leave behind negative holding patterns and embrace a strong newness of spirit

The AWD Retreat  include a mix of carefully selected activities such as unique cultural adventures drawing on the most authentic elements of each destination and not forgetting the relaxing spa treatments.


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Upcoming AWD Events

Apr 06, 2019 - The 5th Annual African Women's dinner LONDON

Jun 12-14, 2019 - The AWD Women in Business Expo & Dinner Gala, NAIROBI

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